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Success Stories: Real-Life Experiences of Excelling in Online Classes

Learning is a lifelong process which never stops. Students who are passionate about pursuing a career and continuing studies find online classes a viable option. Nowadays, online classes are very common and you can easily find different courses at an affordable price. But the question is whether these online classes are as successful as traditional classrooms. Well, everything comes with its positive and negative side. In this guest article, we will discuss some of the success stories of students who took online classes for their degrees. Let’s discuss how they excelled in online classes with their real-life experiences.  

Kristine James 

I joined an online master’s class a few months ago. I was a bit sceptical about it in the beginning but then thought to give it a try. One of the major hurdles was my job but I still managed to do it with the help of online class helpers and my dedication too. Let’s discuss some of the pros of online classes which helped me in excelling at them. 

Time Flexibility 

One of the major benefits of online classes is that they are flexible. You can take these classes anytime and anywhere. You do not have to set a strict online class schedule. I managed to take my online master’s class along with a full time. I used to take classes at weekends or during the day if I had time. Nevertheless, I also took help from ‘online class takers’ whenever I was too occupied with other stuff.

Greater Affordability 

Another key advantage of online classes is that they are super affordable. They are much cheaper than traditional classrooms. I was a bit concerned about it, in the beginning, but the tuition fee difference between offline and online classes is huge. It helps you to stay relaxed and focused in your class because you are less worried about the financial burden due to classes. 

Resource Allocation 

Online classes provide several resources which are beneficial for the students. It includes learning material which is provided by the instructor. In addition, you can have access to a multitude of paid e-libraries and read premium content of scholars. Apart from that, recorded lectures and access to discussion forums give a huge edge to students with odd schedules. In addition, I also got to know about several Apps which we can use for learning purposes or academic writing. 

Marie Cooper 

Online classes can be overwhelming when you have a family to look after. Besides taking care of my family, I was also running a small business of baking cakes from home but I wanted a good reputable job. I had a keen interest in pursuing my education as a baker. Online class help services helped me in acing it and I learnt a lot too. 

Time management 

When I used to get orders from customers, it was very difficult to take classes. But, online classes do offer a lot of time flexibility. I often used to understand the techniques from the online class helpers when I missed any class. Otherwise, we also used to get some of the recorded lectures which I take in my free time. But to keep up with the performance, online class helpers were a blessing. 


To excel in online classes, self-motivation has had to be there. I had a passion for learning the course of baking so I always thought about the end goal. To stay motivated, you have to be focused and have an intrinsic urge to keep going. Visualise success and set small milestones for yourself. Appreciate yourself for achieving small milestones and eventually, you will get big rewards. This is how I kept myself motivated throughout the journey of online classes. 

Seek support 

There is no harm in asking for a helping hand whenever you need help. It is never a sign of weakness. If you want to excel in an online class, seek the support of your instructor, peers or even online class helpers. Ask questions when you find yourself lost and take the expert’s advice. If you will be reluctant to take help then it is a major obstacle in an online class because there is already limited face-to-face interaction. 

Caroline Keller

I always wanted to advance my education in business studies. I was already doing a job but wanted to get a higher post but it required a master’s degree. It was very difficult for me to continue higher education along with a job but I managed to do it with my efforts, online classes, and online class help services. 

A balance between job and studies 

Creating a balance between a job and studies is crucial because otherwise, you end up getting exhausted. I used to take my online classes on weekends or during the day when I had time. However, the classes which were to be taken on time were usually handed over to online class helpers. It would not be possible without them because the experts also helped me understand difficult concepts and theories. In short, it was a smooth process and there were no disruptions. 

Troubleshoot technical issues

If you want to excel in online classes then make sure that your operating system is free of any technical glitches. I had this problem in the beginning, but later on, I invested a small amount in purchasing a good cable net and microphone to ensure a smooth running class. Once there were no technical issues, my experience of online classes got better. Nevertheless, you can also take the help of online class helpers in case of any technical issues. 


In short, online learning is a great way to continue education along with other responsibilities. From the abovementioned success stories, it is clear that you have to stay motivated and resilient when you want to excel in online classes. Without a doubt, digital classes are time-saving, flexible, and quite affordable than traditional classes. Nevertheless, you can also get assistance from online class help services if you are unable to manage an online class. 



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